Brumbaer's AGen

AGen is a simple Army Generator. It is able to support multiple Game Systems and is designed to run on Desktop PCs, Tablets and other mobile devices.

AGen is written in Javascript and needs a recent browser supporting HTML5.

On this page, you can create new Armies, open or delete existing ones.

Existing Armies will be listed under their race's create menu entry. Clicking the red minus will delete the army clicking the green double plus will duplicate it.

Note that cleaning the Browser's memory, will also delete the armies. For that reason you can backup your armies and restore them. You can use backup/restore to transfer armies from one computer to an other.

Clicking a "Create" menu entry or an existing army, will bring you to the edit page.

Setting the keep button will make AGen save all changes you make to your army continuously. There is no way back to an earlier version. If you do not want the changes saved make sure to not check the keep button before making any changes.When you create a new army the keep button will not be checked. When you open an existing army, it will be checked . Unchecking and rechecking the button will save the changes to the original file, so this will not copy the army.

Any army is layered. At the top are the categories, in each category are formations, in each formation are groups, in each group are units and each unit has profiles.

Categories are sets of formations that belong together. In the current version of the Warmaster lists there is only the unit category, But Epic armies have usually more than one category, like Detachments and Titans.

Formations are sets of models that act together on the battlefield. Just what Epic calls formations. In Warmaster they would be called units, not to be confused with AGen's or Epic's units.

Units are the parts a formation is made of. That could be models or stands, but also special kinds of equipment like magic items, weapon options or mounts.

Profiles are basically any kind of information that belong to a unit. That could be a unit's stats or a description of a magic item. The profiles of the units used will be displayed below the other lists.

A new army is always blank. To add something to a layer, you have to click on that layer.

If you want to add a formation, you will have to click on the category. To add an unit to the formation, you have to click on the formation and so on.

When doing so a menu with the possible options will be presented. Grayed options can't be selected right now. Usually this is due to some restrictions, like the number of entries per army.

To delete something you have to click it and choose delete - if available. If not available or grayed than this option can't be deleted.

Units will be displayed normally or italic style. Italic style units can't be changed. Clicking on an other unit, will allow you to delete it, replace it with an other kind of unit or add units of the same kind.

All menus will stay open until you click outside of the menu or until there is no viable option anymore i.e. the option has been deleted.

Many restrictions are handled by graying out options, but some are handled via error messages. This is usually done, when the graying out would make army building unintuitive. I.e. limits per 1000 points will not be handled by graying out, because it is quite possible that you want to create a larger army than the current army size suggests.

Printing the army list can be done via the browser's print menu. AGen uses background patterns in the printout to visually group text. Some browsers disable printing of backgrounds by default. You can switch printing of backgrounds on in the printing dialog.

There are three buttons between army-name and Keep-checkbox.

The one labeled T, will open a popup with a text only representation of your current armylist. This is handy when you want to post an armylist or to send one to a tournament organizer.

The one labeled B will open a text only popup with the backup data for this armylist only. You can copy this data and paste it in the restore window (see above) to transfer the data of this army only. That's handy if you want to transfer only this army to a different device or to send it to a friend.

The one labeled P will bring you to the Points page. This page is handy to calculate how many point you have lost in a battle.

The army will be displayed as a single column of formations. The composition can not be changed on this page. Every formation is preceded by three Radio buttons. You use those to select how many points you give up for this unit. The sum of all points is shown at the top and bottom of the list just before the total number of points in the army.

Click outside of the popup to close it.

If you encounter any problems send an email to me