Brumbaer Tools


Coming from a D2x I'm used to Photoshop and similar applications.
When I started to use the eMotion digital back, I was disappointed by the speed of the editing software that came with the back. And I was missing the possibility to use standard software on the raw files the back delivers.

So I wrote a set of small utilities that transfer files from the back and convert them to DNG and form the bridge between standard editing software and the raw files created by the eMotion backs.


displays and copies image from an Sinar eMotion back or a CF card written by such a back onto your hard disk or directly into eMotionDng.

The files are named with the date and time of capture and the backs serial number. When you get used to shooting white reference files before the images this allows for an automatic match of white references and images.

The image data is stored in IA files and black reference data in BR files. These are are unprocessed raw data files of the same format as the files written on CF cards by eMotion backs.


converts IA/BR (from eMotionReader or CF card) , R/P (native format of Jenoptic‘s Capture Pro) and STI (native format of Sinar‘s Capture Shop) files to DNG files.

The DNG files use the original image data and are still in the Bayer matrix format to be demosaiced later.

eMotionDng allows the use of white reference files to remove color casts, supports calibration with Gretag Color Checkers, removes centrefolds and has an advanced hilight recovery.

The dng files are compatible with Adobe's Camera Raw, Lightroom and Irident Digital's Raw Developer. To use the files with Apple‘s Aperture you will need


adds support for DNG files created with eMotionDng to Apple's Aperture.

It must be run once and must be run again after each System or Aperture update.

Aperture does not recognize colormatrixes embedded in the DNG file, so that the color temperature is usually off, so you will have to set it with the pipette tool.

For the very same reason color calibration in eMotionDng does not influence the colors in Aperture.

System requirements:

The tools run on PPC and Intel Macs and need at OS X 10.4 or newer.
Supported backs are the Sinar eMotion 22, 75, 54LV and 75 LV.
Aperture2275 does also need Aperture 1.5.3 or newer.

Copyright Stephan Heß 2007