The battles are fought between stacks locked with each other in combat or paired off. The battles are fought as ordinary Warmaster battles. 

The armies consist of the units represented by the markers in the stacks

The terrain on the table should fit the terrain on the tile where the stacks meet and the army which entered the tile where the battle is fought first  is the defender. In case of a pair off the defender is determined randomly and the battle takes place in the defender's tile.

The armies deploy at least 90 cm away from each other. The players set up units alternating. The defender deploys the first unit.

A game lasts for 6 turns or until an army has lost 50% of itís non character units or itís General. 

If any army has not got a General (marker) the character with the highest morale value acts as General. This means he has an infinite command radius and when he fails to give an order, no further orders can be given that turn. Also if he is lost, the army has to withdraw. But the model keeps his profile and special rules (i.e. the ability to cast spells). 

The outcome of the battle is determined by counting points as described in the Warmaster rulebook. Remember that an army that had to withdraw can never win regardless of points.

If units are completely destroyed in the battle the markers representing them are removed from the corresponding stack after battle. Units only partially destroyed are considered to be brought back to full strength at the end of the battle.

The victorious stack  remains in the tile and may recruit markers (even if the stack is owned by a resting player) immediately.  The beaten stack is moved into any adjacent tile (only horizontally or vertically) of itís playerís choice ignoring roads and arrows. Paired  off stacks use their own tiles, not necessarily the tile the battle was fought in.

If the armies drew both count as losing, In this case both players roll 2D6 and the player rolling highest withdraws his stack first. 

If there is no free adjacent tile for a losing stack (remember on a draw both stacks loose) to retreat to the stack is destroyed and removed from play. 

If a stack has only character-markers or only unit-markers left after a battle (after recruiting for the winner), the stack is considered destroyed and removed from game.