Combining stacks

If two ore more stacks of one player end their movement in  the same tile, they have to be combined into one stack.

Remove all army-markers but one and if there are more unit-markers of a type than units of that type allowed in a 1000 points Warmaster army remove the excess markers (e.g. if two of the original stacks had a General, one General-marker has to be removed).

If the stack size should (still) exceed 1000 points, the player has to remove further markers until the limit is reached. As soon as the stack size is reduced to 1000 points or less, no further markers must be removed. A marker may not be removed if the stack would become "more" illegal (E.g. if a stack has only 1 or 2 halberdiers-markers, none can be removed, if the stack had 3 halberdiers-markers 1 could be removed).

The resulting stack must have at least one character- and one unit-marker or is removed from play.

Designer notes.
Again a rule to make the battles more balanced, by restricting the stack size to 1000 points and ensuring (you still can trick the system) that the army is a legal 1000 points army.