Each player controls at least one stack and uses them for movement on the map.

The stack is made up from an single army-marker and at least two unit-markers. 

The army-marker is just used as a lid for the stack, so the opposing players can not see the stacks content. You can replace the army-marker by a Warmaster stand (it looks so much better).

Unit-markers represent units (including war-machines, characters and so on) in a Warmaster army. All restrictions for ordinary 1000 points Warmaster armies apply. See recruitment.

When two stacks fight, the players replace the unit-markers by the represented Warmaster units and fight their battle.

After battle the markers of units lost (completely wiped out only) are removed from the stack.


The unit-marker shows the type of troop, the point cost and the terrain where this kind of troop can be recruited.


Designer notes.
I wanted to have an easy way to track what stack holds what units. As Warmaster has fixed unit costs a marker system is a quite natural choice. With Warhammer, the players would have to keep a list as there are endless possibilities for unit composition.