Player's round.

The player taking his player's round is called the active player. Only non resting players take player's rounds.

If he does not declare himself resting, he can divide his stacks.

After he divided all stacks he wanted to divide, he selects the first stack to move. Only stacks not locked in combat can try to move.

For moving a stack the stack has to pass a command test. If it fails the stack can not move, if it is passed the stack will move along the road into an adjacent tile. Should there be already an opponent's stack the stack will be either locked in combat or the player becomes resting. If the tile entered contains a stack of a resting player or stacks locked in combat the stack will move on automatically. If none of those cases apply the stack must try to move on by taking another command test. Except if there is a campfire symbol in the tile which allows the player to stop moving the stack.

If the first stack moved successfully the player does not need to try to move another stack, but can try as many as he wants, but as long as no stack moved successfully the player has to try to move stack after stack  until all stacks have tried to move.