Warmaster Top Manufacturers

Agis' comment

Stephan asked me to paint up some sample miniatures from Pendraken, Division after Division and Games Workshop.

All minis are nominally 10mm. The DaD infantry minis are more to the 12mm side, while Pendraken is more like 9mm. This is not a problem if you stick to one company.

I decided to base all minis on standard Warmaster bases.

This base size may not be fitting for other game system, but - hey this is basically a Warmaster site!

Anyway, the GW minis are dead simple to glue on a base. The idea to put the minis on a ‚strip‘ is a convenient blessing for all modelers.

The Pendraken and DaD minis are individually cast and so the basing is a little bit of a pain. Especially if you want the minis aligned in a proper battle line!

The overall detail level of the DaD and GW minis is really good, while the Pendraken minis are smaller and less detailed.

When it comes to painting, both the DaD and the GW are really easy to paint. Because of the crispness of the minis details are easily applied. The opposite is true for Pendraken. But if you put that extra amount of effort into the Pendraken minis they still look good on the gaming table!

Check out the results!