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Christmas army pictures


The Elfen hit town. The results of that are casualties on both sides. The Elf on the far left wields one of the dreaded double handed teddy bears.

A full grown Wichtel is the size of his gun.

Four out of 101 Dalmatians.
A stand of Christmas Trees lurking in the wood, ready to ambush any foe.
Never to far, never to high the trolls deliver even to the ramparts.
Now we know why the guy spreads terror all over the place.

And he said "freeze" and the Knights froze.

A rare sight, all characters happily together.

You can't shut us out, we deliver even where we can't go.
Knecht Ruprecht on his way home after a hard day's work.
The Boss in his convertible. He obviously never heard about "Don't drink and drive"
The Three Tenors singing Christmas Carols directed by St. Claus.


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