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The commander of the army this can be a General or a chieftain or whoever managed to get the job. There are three types of Generals the difference being the command value and resulting from that the points value.

Type Attacks Command Points
Gen 2 10 170
Gen 2 9 125
Gen 2 8 95

Because even a command 10 General can be accompanied by two heroes, his cost is increased to 170 compared to the 155 for a command 10  Warmaster General.

Any subordinate leader usually an officer or lesser chieftain.

Type Attacks Command Points
Hero 1 8 80
Hero 1 7 45

Shamans are known in may tribal communities. They are responsible for spiritual guidance and they are respected if not feared by their kinsmen. 

Type Attacks Command Points
Wiz 0 8 80
Wiz 0 7 45

Shamans are wizards in all respects, but can not cast spells. The shamans are able to work the troops into frenzy. For that reason a shaman adds +1 to every stand of the unit he is with.

Chariot Mount

Many leaders prefer to ride a chariot instead of having to ride on horse back or (shocking) to walk.

Type Attacks Points
CM 1 10

Elephant Mount
Some leaders can ride to war on an Elephant. And usually they do if they can. While there is a distinction between African and Indian Elephants for Elephant units, there is none for Elephant mounts. 

Type Attacks Points
MM 3 90
Elephant mounts cause terror.

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