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armaster is a quick paced game that is not only well suited for Fantasy gaming, but also for fighting battles of the antique. To provide easy access I provided some army-lists. Miniatures of any scale can be used as long as they are mounted on bases of about 40 x 20 mm for infantry and 20 x 40 mm for all other troop types.

 All army-lists are built from a set of standard units:
Please note that those standard units are necessarily a simplification. Sometimes troops are represented by a type of standard unit that does not fit the types description. This is usually done to ensure relative fighting strength. 

Characters & Mounts



Monster & Warmachines

 I prepared the following army lists for your convenience:
Please remember that the lists can not really be historically correct. Especially the min and max. number of units can never cover the real possibilities. Feel free to adjust the lists as you see fit.

Armies of Alexander
Indian  armies
Ancient Greek  armies
Armies of the Trojan War
Persian  armies
Egyptian armies
Republican Roman armies
Carthagian  armies
Imperial Roman armies
German armies
Briton armies
Gallic army

The lists are also available as an army generator application called Am.

Byzantine PDF Byzantine army lists by Geoff Fabron

Geoff Fabron wrote a number of army lists for Byzantine armies of different periods and their enemies.

WM Ancientsarmies Vol1 PDF Hondas world wide army lists

Honda Kowabunga created army lists for many different armies from Normans to Samurais.

Spanish Ancientmaster PDF All the rules in Spanish as a pdf

Slorm le Damne compiled all the Ancientmaster rules and translated them to Spanish.


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