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Egyptian army


New kingdom area army list when Egypts were Egypts and not Greeks in disguise. Weight watchers will enjoy the army everything is light. Light chariots, light infantry and light cavalry are the theme of the army.

Name Type Att. H Sv Cmd Sz Units Pts.  
Hand to hand fighters Inf 3 3 0 - 3 6/- 35  
Archers Inf 3/1 3 0 - 3 4/- 55  
Marines Inf 4 3 0 - 3 -/1 50 *1
Mercenary Infantry Inf 3/1 3 0 - 3 -/4 40 *1,2,3
Mercenary Skirmishers Inf 2/1 3 0 - 3 -/4 40 *1,4,5,2,3
Chariot Runners Inf 3/1 3 0 - 3 -/- 40 *1,6
Cavalry Cav 2/1 - - - 3 -/1 70 *4,5
Chariots Cht 2/1 3 6 - 3 1/4 70 *7
General Gen 2 - - 8 1 1/-1 95  
Officer Her 1 - - 8 1 -/2 80  
Chariot CM 1 - - - 1 -/2 10  

*1 - The unit has a reduced range of 15cm, because of short ranged weapons.

*2 - If the unit or the brigade is part of is given an command, than the command roll is penalized by 1.

*3 - Warbands are less well organized and trained than regular units. Especially strong is the effect of numbers and success and casualties on the units morale.

If all units of a brigade are classified as Warband and the brigade consists of at least 3 units, the brigades command value is increased by 1. Remember: a command roll of 11 or 12 is always a failed test.

If a Warband has to roll for drive backs without loosing a stand, the unit rolls 1 dice less than usual. If a Warband has to roll for drive backs after loosing at least one stand, the unit has to roll 1 dice more than usual.

Each stand of a Warband gets +2 attacks instead of the usual +1 when the Warband pursues. Each stand of a Warband looses 1 attack when the Warband fights an pursuing enemy (i.e. the Warband retreated).

*4 - The unit has a firing arc of 360 degrees.

*5 - Skirmishers are used to harass the enemy with missile fire, but stay out of close combat.

Skirmishers are allowed to shoot before they move. They can shoot even before they move on initiative. When they shoot before they move they can not shoot in the shooting phase. The drive back is still resolved at the end of the ordinary shooting phase. When a unit that has been shot at by skirmishers is charged, it will not be driven back, but has still to roll the appropriate number of dices to see if it is confused.

*6 - Infantry trained to ride on and fight along chariots. If a brigade consists of at least as many chariot stands as chariot runner stands, than the movement of the chariot runners is increased to 30 cm. The movement increase is only granted if the units still form a brigade (with at least one chariot stand per runner stand) at the end of the movement (This is only relevant if the brigade or parts of the brigade charge).

Only one unit of runners can be bought per unit of chariots.

*7 - A light chariot does not get the +1 for chariot/monster charging in the open.


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