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Imperial Roman army


Hollywood and Ceasar define our understanding of the Imperial Roman Army. To the better or worse, I can not say. However our beloved Legionaries form the backbone of the army and the Imperial Roman is the only list that has Elite troops as part of it's compulsories. You also find some of the fancy stuff, like Elephants, Ballista and Onager. But no chariots as their use was restricted to sportive driving in and outside of the Circus Maximus.

Name Type Att. H Sv Cmd Sz Units Pts.  
Pretorians and Veterans Inf 4 3 5 - 3 1/4 80 *1
Legionaries Inf 3 3 5 - 3 7/- 65 *1
Archers Inf 3/1 3 0 - 3 -/4 55  
Auxiliary Infantry Inf 3 3 6 - 3 -/8 45  
Light auxiliaries Inf 3/1 3 0 - 3 -/4 40 *2
Skirmishers Inf 2/1 3 0 - 3 -/4 40 *2,3,4
Auxiliary Cavalry Cav 3 3 5 - 3 -/2 90  
Auxiliary Light Cavalry Cav 3/1 3 6 - 3 -/4 80 *2
Elephants Mon 5/1 4 5 - 1 -/1 90 *5
Ballista Art 1/1 2 0 - 2 -/1 65 *6
Onager Art 1/3 3 0 - 1 -/1 75 *7
General Gen 2 - - 9 1 1/-1 125  
Officer Her 1 - - 8 1 -/2 80  

*1 - Roman Legionaries can form a Testudo. The Legionaries at the front, back and sides hold their shields to the outside and the Legionaries in the center raise their shields above the heads. This formation provided improved protection against shooting attacks.

A unit in column formation can form a Testudo by passing a command test. The unit will not move, but form the Testudo. The unit stays in Testudo formation until it charges (so stand and shoot is resolved as if in open), it is charged, enters fortified or dense terrain or abandons the column.

A unit in Testudo formation treats all shooting attacks as if the unit would be in defended terrain. A fortified unit or units in dense terrain can not form a Testudo.

*2 - The unit has a reduced range of 15cm, because of short ranged weapons.

*3 - The unit has a firing arc of 360 degrees.

*4 - Skirmishers are used to harass the enemy with missile fire, but stay out of close combat.

Skirmishers are allowed to shoot before they move. They can shoot even before they move on initiative. When they shoot before they move they can not shoot in the shooting phase. The drive back is still resolved at the end of the ordinary shooting phase. When a unit that has been shot at by skirmishers is charged, it will not be driven back, but has still to roll the appropriate number of dices to see if it is confused.

*5 - Elephants

Elephants cause terror.

If a Elephant is driven back or retreats into any stand it will not wait for the soldiers to make way it will run them over in panic. Before the units makes way or denies to make way or before the Elephant is stopped or killed by an blocking enemy stand or combat the Elephant will attack that stand. It is resolved as 3 normal close combat attacks. The wounds inflicted are added to any other wounds that have been or will be inflicted that phase (combat or shooting). If this happens in the shooting phase the wounds inflicted count towards the wounds for determining the number of stands lost (as said before), but do not add dices the the ones rolled for drive back.

*6 - Range 40 cm. Ignores armour. Will penetrate through up to 3 stands which have to touch adding 1 attack each. Cannot use initiative to charge.

*7 - Range 60 cm. Ignores armour. Cannot stand and shoot.


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