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Rebublican Roman army


"Carthago delenda est" this is the army list to "make it so". Before the Marian reform the legionaries were divided in three types of legionaries, but in game terms there is not enough difference to justify different list entries. They are complemented by allied and mercenary infantry and cavalry. No fancy stuff, but the usage of the Manipel formation, sets the army apart from others.

Name Type Att. H Sv Cmd Sz Units Pts.  
Legionaries Inf 3 3 6 - 3 10/- 55 *1
Italian Spearmen Inf 3 3 0 - 3 -/8 35  
Light Infantry Inf 3/1 3 0 - 3 -/6 40 *2
Skirmishers Inf 2/1 3 0 - 3 -/4 40 *2,3,4
Cavalry Cav 3 3 5 - 3 -/4 90  
Spanish Cavalry Cav 3/1 3 6 - 3 -/2 80 *2
General Gen 2 - - 9 1 1/-1 125  
Officer Her 1 - - 8 1 -/2 80  

*1 - The legionaries are trained to fight in Manipels supporting each other. A Manipel can allow another Manipel to move through when driven back or retreating instead of making way in the usual manner. The units still have to roll for confusion as if making way. If the moving unit does not have enough movement to physically move through it is moved as if it would have just enough movement to move through. Note that this may lead to a situation where an victorious unit can not pursue, because the unit retreated through a different unit and that now blocks line of sight. In this case the victorious unit is allowed to advance, as if it had destroyed the retreating unit.

*2 - The unit has a reduced range of 15cm, because of short ranged weapons.

*3 - The unit has a firing arc of 360 degrees.

*4 - Skirmishers are used to harass the enemy with missile fire, but stay out of close combat.

Skirmishers are allowed to shoot before they move. They can shoot even before they move on initiative. When they shoot before they move they can not shoot in the shooting phase. The drive back is still resolved at the end of the ordinary shooting phase. When a unit that has been shot at by skirmishers is charged, it will not be driven back, but has still to roll the appropriate number of dices to see if it is confused.


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