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Paperware - city wall gate


art 1 (the wall)
This is the main part of the gate turret.
Standard procedure.

Part 2 (wall inlay)
This part is used to give the arch it's form. Standard box procedure

Part 3 (arch wall)
The brick pattern for the gate's arch. When cut it is glued into the arch of Part 2. As seen on the photograph to the right.

Glue the assembly into Part1, so that the opening is filled by the arch. Use the flaps to make sure it is flush to the arch in Part 1.

How do you want to go on ?The gate tower is designed with a more representative parapet than the ordinary towers. The drawback is that the roof can not be removed as easily as on the ordinary towers. If it is important for you to have a removable roof, you should use the parapet of the ordinary towers. You will need only the second page of the tower file.

If you decide to go for the more decorative parapet than you continue with Part 4.

Part 4 (parapet)
A variation of the standard box procedure. The white area of the floor only indicates where the wall has to be glued on. You can cut out the windows, if you want (I don't do it as I'm content with the "black windows"). Glue the parapet on top of the wall.

Part 5 (parapet inlay)
Part 5 is only needed, if you cut out the windows.
It is a standard box shape, the windows have to be cut out. The inlay walls are not glued to each other but to the inside of the turret.

Part 6/7 (parapet roof)
Build the two roof parts following the standard roof procedure. Then stick part 7 through the opening of part 6 and glue the flaps to the inside of Part 6.

Parts 8-11 (oriel walls)
The shape of the oriels look complicated, but they are straight forward to build. Note that the top is an octagon but the bottom is an octagon with an triangle cut out (where the parapet's wall will fit). Build all oriels first and than glue them to the parapets corners. Use the parapet's roof as a guide for the positioning of the oriels.

Parts 12-15 (oriel roofs)
Standard roof procedure. While the oriel's shape is an octagon the roofs have a square base shape. This doesn't matter, they still fit. You will have to glue the oriel roofs on to the oriels or the parapets roof might push them off, if you didn't work 100% exact (and that's really difficult, believe me).

Parts 16/17 (gate)
It is difficult to build an working door mechanism out of paper in that scale, so I settled for the simplest approach. Both parts are glued together to form a box and than the "box" is shoved into the arch (or it isn't if the gate  is supposed to be open). It is simple to operate and looks good enough. Note that the gate box is shorter than the gate turret's walls, so the gate is a little bit set back in the arch.

And that's it.


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