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Christmas army


ote: The army list has more special rules than befits any ordinary Warmaster army. As this is a fun list this does not pose a problem.

  Type A H Sv Cd Sz Pts mm  
Elfen Inf 3 3 5 - 3 60 2/-  
Wichtel Inf 2/1 3 5 - 3 55 1/- *1
Mail OrderTrolls Inf 5 3 5 - 3 110 -/3 *2
Grüne Zipfelmützen Cht 3 3 5 - 3 110 -/3 *3
Polar Bears Mon 5 3 - - 3 85 -/1 *4
Christmas Trees Mon 3 4 4 - 3 125 -/1 *5
Ghost Mon - - - - 1 100 -/1 *6
Present Lobber Art 1/1 3 - - 1 30 -/1 *7
Snow Cannon Art 1/2 2 - - 1 35 -/1 *8
Nikolaus Gen 3 - - 10 1 165 1 *9
Knecht Ruprecht Her 1 - - 8 1 90 -/1 *10
Weihnachtssänger Wiz 0 - - 7 1 45 -/1  

*1 Range 15 cm (ordinary firing arc)

*2 Trolls are especially stupid creatures. When issuing an order to a unit of Trolls or to a brigade containing one or more units of Trolls, there is an command penalty of –1 in addition to any other modifiers. Trolls also have the ability to regenerate wounds. This is represented by regenerating one wound per combat round after removing of whole stands. The wound besides being regenerated still counts towards the combat result.

*3 The sledge can fly and is therefore treated as any other flyer, but does also get the additional +1 for chariots charging an enemy in open terrain. (Note the fact that they fly allows them to attack units on castle walls and such, but those units still count as fortified as stated in the siege rules).

*4 Although they are monsters Bears are mounted facing the long edge of the base like infantry. As creatures of the forests and mountains under the control of human Beastmasters, Bears are able to move over or into any wooded or mountainous terrain features in the same way as infantry. This does not entitle them to claim defended staus Due to their irascible ursine nature Bears cannot be brigaded with units of other troops, but only with other Bears. Due to their ferocity a Bear unit which scores more hits in the first round of a combat than the enemy will automatically strike 1 more Attack per stand before the combat result is worked out. Resolve these attacks as normal and then work out results. Bears must always pursue retreating enemy where possible and must advance if they are able to do so. Note that these rules apply only to Bear units – not to characters that ride Bears.

*5 Although they are monsters Christmas Trees are mounted facing the long edge of the base like infantry. Christmas Trees can enter woods even so they are monsters, but still do not count as defended when attacked while in woods. Christmas trees can deploy like any other troops in their own deployment zone or (quite special) in any wooded area on the table. Any good army i.e. Empire, Dwarves, High Elves, Kislevites or Bretonians will expect to find presents under the trees so they are not willing to put the presents at risk and will not charge Christmas trees on initiative. Also any unit of any army (good or bad) within 20cm of a Christmas tree stand gets an additional –1 command modifier (i.e. –2 for enemy within 20cm instead of –1 (Undead get –1 instead of nothing)) as they are very reluctant to go away before they have got their presents (and even the baddies and the Undead (old habbits die hard) hope for presents. Even if they do not believe in Christmas, they still hope).

*6 Ghosts can only brigade with other Ghosts. The Ghosts are ethereal creatures and can not attack neither be attacked by any means. But they do cause terror in any enemy stand within 20 cm. Ghosts are treated like characters regarding Line of Sight. Friendly units can move through Ghosts but can not end their move so that a Ghost is still in their ranks. Enemy units can neither charge nor move through a Ghost. All they can do is to move around them.

*7 Range 60cm. Can’t stand and shoot. The Present Lobber shoots presents into the enemies ranks. If the Lobber hits, no wound is inflicted and the unit is not driven back, but the enemy unit is automatically confused, because the unit is fully occupied with unpacking the presents. The unit is not driven back, even when hit by other missile fire or magic that would normally drive them back (casualties are still removed). Should the affected unit be drawn into close combat by any means it is treated as any other confused unit.

*8 Range 30cm. The Snow Cannon is used to ... err shoot snow. The snow is mainly used to create some Christmas atmosphere and to make every body feeling cold to have an excuse to drink some hot spiced wine. The snow is cold enough to drive people away, but not cold enough to kill anybody. So instead of rolling to hit you just roll 2 dices for the drive back (or add 2 dices to the drive back roll, when the unit already had been hit). The number of dices is modified for fortified or defended targets as normal and all other drive back rules apply. When the cannon shoots as part of a stand and shoot reaction, the charging unit looses 2D6 of it’s movement allowance. This might result in the unit not reaching it’s intended target. In this case the unit is moved as if the charge would have been successful and is than moved straight back the amount of cm it failed the charge by. i.e. a infantry unit 17 cm away charges and the snow cannon rolls a 8. So the movement of the charger is reduced by 8 (12 cm left). So the infantry will be moved into contact and than 5 cm directly back. If the charge has taken place in the command phase than the active player is allowed to give further orders to the unit, if it happened in the initiative phase the unit can not be moved any more in that initiative or the following command phase.

*9 The Nikolaus is mounted in a flying sledge. The sledge counts as a flying chariot and the additional attack is already included in his profile.

*10 Because of his reputation to punish bad boys a unit accompanied by Knecht Ruprecht causes Terror against “bad armies” i.e. Undead, Orcs, Chaos and Skaven.

The Christmas Carols
Stille Nacht (Silent Night) Range 30 cm, 4+
Nominate a single enemy unit within range. Silence will fall heavily on this unit. It can’t be given any commands in the next command phase. It can still use initiative or home backs to move.

O’Tannenbaum (O Christmas tree) Unlimited Range, 6+
If there is a wood or forest on the table their trees can be transformed to be Christmas Trees. If successfully cast place a unit of Christmas Trees in any wood or forest on the table. The unit can not be raised into an close combat. The spell may only be cast if there are spare models available.

Ihr Kinderlein kommet (O come little children) Range 30 cm, 5+
Nominate a single enemy unit within range. The unit will be moved it’s maximum movement distance towards the Weihnachtssänger. If it has enough movement to reach or even pass the Weihnachtssänger the unit will stop 1 cm before it reaches them. The stand closest to the Weihnachtssänger is moved first in a straight line and ends it’s move facing the Weihnachtssänger and the other stands are arranged as the owning player sees fit. The move is as straight as possible. Impassable terrain is circumvented, but troops of the moved units side have to make way or the unit is stopped and becomes confused (remember to roll for confusion if unit(s) make way). If the path of the first stand’s move crosses an enemy unit the moved unit has to charge that unit by performing an ordinary charge.

Fröheliche Weihnacht überall (We wish you a merry Christmas) Range 30cm, 4+
The spell is cast on a combat of which at least 1 stand (friend or foe) is within range. Please note that this can affect more than one unit of each side. The combatants are filled with the spirit of Christmas and decide not to fight. The combat ends before it started. Roll for and execute a fall back immediately as if both sides had drawn in combat. The enemy (of the Weihnachtssänger) has to fall back first.

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