Will the stack move on automatically ?

If the tile entered contains stacks locked in combat or a stack of a resting player the moving stack will move immediately as if the stack would have passed it's next command test. The tile counts for the modifiers of  the next command test that will have to be taken. 

Also if the tile contains a single stack of an opposing player that has already a stack locked in combat, that player will become resting and the moving stack has to move on automatically as described above.

The auto move is compulsory and must be executed even if there is a campfire symbol in the tile.

Designer notes.
This makes sure that there are never stacks of opposing players in a tile except when locked in combat. And it restricts battles to two player affairs and prevents stacks of one side to mob up other stacks. And of course prevents players of having more than one battle to fight. It also gives "weaker" players the opportunity to band together and make a bigger player to rest early to prevent him from recruiting and growing.