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armaster is my newest love. The armies I started are High Elves, Empire and Undead and  Chaos and some samples for the Cristmas army. The complete Christmas army list is also availabe for reading. On a different note I made some ads for an imaginary advertisment campaign.

Other samples are the new Fanatic models painted by Agis Neugebauer.

Those pictures always show the miniatures as part of a scene. The scans of stands concentrate on the miniatures.

Other pictures concentrating on miniatures are those showing miniatures of different manufactureres. These pictures allow you to compare quality and sizes.

Some (two) people asked how I paint Warmaster miniatures, this is the answer. The second most common question I receive is: How do I select my army ?

To ease the army selection process I wrote a little Army Creator program that enables you to select an army without any hassle. Download Wm. for PCs and MacWM for Macs running OS X Sandy created a dwm file of the Vampire Counts army list as published in WarMag 5. Copy the file into the folder where the WM program is stored.

The tactics, musings and comments fit nicely in this category of tips and tricks.

When all tactics are thought out and all armies are painted. it needs just an excuse to get players together and have a game of Warmaster. The campaign system is happy to provide this excuse.

And when the battle is fought, what can be nicer than to brag about a victory or lament about a loss. The first Warmaster battle report and the second battle report give me opportunity to do so.

After making some Imperial buildings and a city wall, I decided to do a table just for Warmaster.
The decision to do Khemri style terrain was an easy one, as I always liked the ancient Egyptian monuments.

When I needed some buildings urgently, I started to do some  paper building designs. The buildings are designed to need as less painting as possible (hopefully none at all).

Last, but not least, for all of you that are still hungry for more Warmaster, there is a Links page.


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