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he six towers are all identical. So if you know how to build one, you know how to build all.

The tower walls (Part T1)
The wall can be found on page 1. On top of the page is a very small stylized picture of the wall (see below for reference) with an indication of folding lines (green) and cutting lines (black). Each line has a sequence number and those determine the order in which the cutting and folding should be done. You can do it your own way, but I learned the hard way that some cutting and folding orders are better than others and the order given below works well for me.

When 21/23 are cut the three/six resulting flaps are folded inside. This will form the opening/s for the castle walls.

The folded parts on lines 15 to 20 can be glued to the "Inside" of the wall, but it works as well if there is just a "sharp" fold.

The part right to line 6 has the brick patter, but it is a flap nonetheless. There is no gluing other than the foldings along lines 15 to 10 if you chose to glue them.

The parapet (Part T2)
Part T2 is cut out and the flaps are folded towards the printed side as the red colour of the flaps indicates.

The parapet flaps are glued to the small in folded wall sides one by one. When you do this take care that the rectangular portions at line 8/10, 11/12 and 13/14 lie below the folded sections on lines 15/16, 17/18 and 19/20. Every time you glue a flap the tower form will get closer to an hexagon. Try to glue them in a way that the inner wall is rectangular to the parapet floor. The more exact this is done the better the hexagon form and the less gaps between the wall sections. The picture above shows the work in progress.

When you glue on the last flap than also glue together both ends of the tower wall by using the flap which is made of the part to the right of line 6.

Inner floor (Part T3)
To stabilize the form and give the tower more strength part T3 is glued inside. When part T3 is cut out fold the flaps as usual.

Now glue the part inside the tower. Be careful that the cut out sections are aligned with the wall sections that have the in folds.

The easiest way to get an even and straight inner floor is to glue the part so that the flaps are flush with the tower base and the floor itself is set correspondingly. The advantage of doing it that way is that the flaps can be adjusted easily and all flaps have a common base to get aligned to.



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