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Paperware - castle


he castle walls consist of four elements, the outer-wall , the inner-wall, the parapet and the inner floor. The castle has usually 5 of these wall sections and one gate section, but there is nothing that stops you to have any other combination of wall and gate sections.

The inner wall (Part W3)
The wall can be found on page 4. On top of the page is a very small stylized picture of the wall (see above for reference) with an indication of folding lines (green fold away from the printed side, red fold towards the printed side) and cutting lines (black). Each line has a sequence number and those determine the order in which the cutting and folding should be done.

The only flaps glued in this step are the two small ones at each end of folding line 11

The picture in the following section shows what it will look like when folded and glued.

The parapet (Part W4)
When cut out and folded glue it to the inside wall section. It is best to glue one of the sides (i.e. along folding line 13 of the inner wall) first. Than glue the wide side to the inner wall of the inner wall. And than glue the other side to the inner walls side along folding line 12. The picture shows the work in progress when the first side is glued to the inner wall.

The outer wall (Part W1)
The wall can be found on page 3. Again there is a very small stylized picture on top of the page showing the folding and cutting lines and their sequence.

The two flags are glued to their white counterparts (lines 3 and 4) and when completed you will have a very thin box, which is open at the bottom.

On part W1 (but not on the picture above) are two black lines to the left and right of the bear. They are neither folding nor cutting lines, but are guidelines where the assembly of inner wall and parapet are glued on, which is the very next thing to do.

Inner floor (Part W3)
To stabilize the form and give the wall more strength part W3 is glued inside. When part W3 is cut out, fold the flaps as usual.

Now glue W3 inside the room defined by the inner wall and the inner part of the outer wall..

This is just like the inner floor of the towers.

When finished your wall section should look like the one below.



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