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Paperware - castle


efore you start have a look at all the parts and determine how many pages of which sort you will need.

Pages, so many pages
For each tower you will need one copy of page 1 and one third of a copy of page 2. For each none gate wall section you will need a copy each of pages 3 and 4 and one sixth of page 5. And last not least for each gate section you will need a copy each of pages 6, 7, 8 and 9 and a sixth of page 5. So for a complete castle with one gate you need:

6 copies of page 1
2 copies of page 2
5 copies of page 3
5 copies of page 4
1 copy of page 5
1 copy of page 6
1 copy of page 7
1 copy of page 8
1 copy of page 9


Lets build it
The castle consists of three types of objects, the towers, the walls and the gate sections. There's something to say about each of these, to keep confusion low, there are different section to handle the details.

Tower - Tips

Wall - Tips

Gate - Tips

When all components are finished you arrange the wall and gate sections in form of an hexagon. You can glue them side to side or just place them side by side and use paper clips at the base to hold them together, which also has the advantage that you can take the castle apart to show battle damage and for easy storage. No matter whether you glue, place or clip, when the hexagon is built, put the towers over the walls, so that the walls fit into the slits at the sides of the towers.

And voila ...


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